Welcome to the web portal for Ospiro Enterprises, a company that prides itself in offering the best possible goods and services to its customers. Ospiro is a reliable and efficient company, topping the charts when compared to its competitors in the industry. 

We here at Ospiro enjoy friendly competition, but we want to make clear what is most important to us: the customer. We will work with those who we are technically supposed to be competing with so that you, the customer, can have the best life possible. Ospiro hopes to be a shepherd for those companies who have taken the wrong route so as to guide them to a corporate life of helping others. Consequently, Ospiro has adopted the motto "Inspiring the Aspiring." We are glad to say that our business partner/competitor, GAVSTER UNIVERSAL, has been willing and eager to inspire the aspiring. Kudos to them for making the right choice: cooperation for a better world.

Our Products & Services

A variety of goods and services are offered by Ospiro Enterprises, most for no charge:
  • Slyfox.ml, a prominent and popular website for the purpose of educating all visitors on why they are a sly fox and what exactly that means.
  • Forge of Nations, an interactive RPG centered around countries and their interactions. Note: Forge of Nations is a joint venture between Ospiro Enterprises and GAVSTER UNIVERSAL.
  • Nuke. This fun card game centers around two nations and their arms race to build a nuke. The two competing superpowers need just three components to get the bomb, but what will their opponents throw at them?
  • The websites of the Fashion Police and its academy, which are dedicated to preventing crimes against the laws of fashion.
  • The Phraase Regulatory Committee, an organization meant to regulate the use of the ever popular Phraase.
  • The Audio/Visual School Announcements Association (AVSAA), an association whose mission is to improve the quality of school announcements across the globe by implementing and teaching A/V and design standards.
  • Stoptheticks.ml, a website that promotes the elimination of the backtick and the frontick in everyday use.
  • Drats.ml, to promote the usage of "drat" as opposed to more vulgar words.
  • Slyfox cards, the popular and beloved trading card game.
  • Agrex.ml, to promote the use of the agricultural expression ("agrex").
  • The CCCCCCCCC, for the regulation of the clave-class of instruments.
  • Did You Know?, a service dedicated to the distribution of the most interesting facts.
  • Ospiro Flags, dedicated to offering flags from countries around the world at just $1 each.
  • Vulpia.ml, the official website of the Kingdom of Vulpia.
  • Allways, an online, choose-your-own-adventure type game line. (COMING SOON)
You can also find apparel at our Teespring store.

More Information & Contact

To gain a greater understanding of the fine details of the Ospiro empire, please visit the Ospiro wiki.

If you would like to contact Ospiro, or if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please visit our contact form. We would also be very grateful if you took our customer satisfaction survey.  Furthermore, we always love to hear from you on social media. You can check us out on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.